Water Safety is Smart and Fun.....Swim Alaska is Proud to offer Aquatics and Safety Classes

Learning To Swim Saves Lives and Builds Self Confidence

Swim Alaska is offering several different classses

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swimalaska@gmail.com  or  (907)357-SWIM (7946)

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(907) 357-SWIM

Wasilla Alaska 99654

Water Safety and Water Fun is our Business!

Swim Alaska isa Privately owned Certified Swim & Safety School. Offering all Aquatics as well CPR/First-aid/AED, Baby Sitting Boot Camp, ,Basic Water Rescue, Swim Coach Training, Boating Safety, Cold water survival.

Infant Swim of America, Inc ISA Certified Instructor  

Water Training/Stroke Refinement (infant-toddler-child-adult)

Float for Life Certified Instructor (Josh the Otter) 

Swim Alaska is an Aquatic one stop "shop"

Offering Special Needs Swim: One to One and Group Classes!...

Swim Lessons are offered year round with morning, afternoon and evening lessons available.

Swim Alaska

At Swim Alaska Water Safety is our focus!

No one can make a child or adult drown proof, but at Swim Alaska everyone can Learn To Swim and be Water Smart...just by staying focused on SAFETY.

Staying Safe Around The Water-- Recognizing Lifeguards-- Don't Just Pack It Wear Your Jacket---- Recognizing An Emergency--How to Call For Help--To Much Sun Is No Fun --The Danger of Drains--Look Before You Leap--Think So You Don't Sink--Reach Or Throw, Don't Go--Think Twice Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice--Developing Breath Control Safely--Making Good Decisions--Choosing an Exit Point--Reaching Assist--Throwing Assist--Recreational Water Illnesses--How To Call For Help (911)--The Importance of Knowing CPR & First Aid--Wave Tide or Ride, Follow The Guide--Learn About Boating Before You Go Floating--Swim As A Pair (near the lifeguards chair)--The Dangers of Hyperventilating and Extended Breath-Holding

Swim Alaska is a Privately owned Swim School located in Wasilla Alaska. At Swim Alaska Water Safety and Water Fun is our Business. Our in door in ground Salt Water pool is maintained at a warm 92 degrees. Swim Alaska offers Aquatic Classes and Certifications for all ages from six (6) months and up. Parent and Me, Pre-Aquatics, Learn-to-Swim, Lifeguard, Basic Water rescue, Special Needs One to One and Group Water Safety and Swim, Adult Learn-to-Swim, Baby Sitting Boot Camp, CPR, AED, First-aid, Cold water Rescue, and Water Aroibics.