Children are our future, and the most Valuable Treasures on the planet Earth
Baby Sitting Boot Camp The Trained Care Giver Class is a fun fact filled Certification Class that provides skills to deal with everyday emergencies as well unexpected ones. Knowledge is power knowing how to prevent, spot, and respond to an emergency saves lives. This is a one year Certification from The American Red Cross. CPR & First-aid .
 price. $110.00

Audience: Anyone 11 years or older

Course:This class teaches and provides a One year Certification in CPR for children, and Infants. As well as First-aid for major, minor, and basic traumas. Being prepared for an emergency makes good sense! This is a five hour class focusing on being the Safest Baby Sitter you can be. With Fun Training Material that can be used as a life time skill. Along with the safety training, students will learn how to make themselves more employable as a Baby Sitter/ Care Giver in our Community. For Information please Call 907-982-9287 or email swimalaska@gmail.com.

November 23, 2019 

10:00 am until finished 

Pre-registration is required please email your registration request to swimalaska@gmail.com