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Swim Alaska

Pre-School Aquatics ( Swimmers must already have passed Parent and Me and  Learn-to-Swim Basics)  

Students must be able to fully shower, walk to the pool stairs, participate in "Think Don't Sink" and ask permission to enter the pool. Once permission has been granted student swimmers must be able to independently enter the pool safely using the pool stairs.   Swimmers must follow all verbal cues during swim instruction.  Swimmers must be toilet trained.  No crying (just trying).  

Pre-requisites:  Complete at least one session of Parent and Me and or Learn-to-Swim Basic Session. Follow directions, participate in a group swim class. 

Skills :For Pre-Aquatics all skills can be preformed with assistance and or floatation devices.....

Enter water safely using steps, ladders, and side

Exit water safely using steps, ladder, and side

Monkey Crawl

Bob up and down

Blow Bubbles

Submerge under the water

Open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects

Front glide and back glide (using feet to push off of the pool wall)

Front glide back glide and return to vertical position

Jump off the side of the pool from sitting

Jump off the side of the pool from standing

Back float

Roll from back to front and front to back

arm and hand treading/doggie paddle

Alternating and simultaneous leg and arm action on front and on back

Combined arm and leg action on front and back

  Learn to travel through the water using kicks and finning with hands on back