Parent and Me Swim:

Parent and Me is designed to build a life long bond with child and Parent(s) while learning Water Safety and Swim Skills. Starting at 6 months old and up to 4 years. Parent(s) and children can participate in a  group swim class. Splashing, kicking, bobbing, underwater exploration, climbing out of the pool, climbing in, jumping in, gliding back and forth from parent to parent or parent to instructor, using different flotation devices to build on safety, fun, and movement through the water, . As well as learning proper etiquette in and around an Aquatic Environment. No child can be made 100% drown proof but every child can Learn-to-Swim. The sooner you start teaching your child water safety and enroll in Swim Lessons the Safer he or she will be forever.

Parent and Me is based on each family's wants/needs. You decide what skills to work on and at what pace you and your child will learn-to-swim. Each swimmer is different children learn differently and Family's have different goals.  Like anything you and your swimmer get out what you put into the skills and benchmarks provided to move through the courses of Water Safety and swim Basics

Pre~Aquatics Pre-School Aquatics Levels 1-2-&-3

Students must be able to fully shower, walk to the pool stairs, participate in "Think Don't Sink" and choose what flotation device(s) need to be put on, and ask permission to enter the pool. Once permission has been granted student swimmers must be able to independently enter the pool and move freely around the pool using the side of the pool  and  or their arms and legs to propel through the water.  Students must be at least 4 years old to participate in the class and must be able to follow directions as well as all of the rules. 

Pre-requisites:  Complete at least one session of Parent and Me.  Follow directions, participate in a group swim class. 

Skills :For Pre-Aquatics all skills can be preformed with assistance and or floatation devices.....

Enter water safely using steps, ladders, and side

Exit water safely using steps, ladder, and side

Monkey Crawl

Bob up and down

Blow Bubbles

Submerge under the water

Open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects

Front glide and back glide (using feet to push off of the pool wall)

Front glide back glide and return to vertical position

Jump off the side of the pool from sitting

Jump off the side of the pool from standing

Back float

Roll from back to front and front to back

arm and hand treading/doggie paddle

Alternating and simultaneous leg and arm action on front and on back

Combined arm and leg action on front and back

Learn to travel through the water using kicks and finning with hands on back.

Beginners Combo Classes

Beginners Combo is designed for Children that are to old to do Parent and Me but have the ability to try and to follow directions and Learn how to Float and move around in the water on front and back, bobbing, doing under water exploration, and jumping.  Swimmers must try and participate in all of the skills each week…

Stroke and Kick Refinement

Swimmers Must have passed through or be in Level 3 and understand the different kicks and strokes that go with each style of Swim..  This class will teach the exact start and finish point of each kick as well as strokes.  While building endurance and breathing skills.. (this is not for wimps lol)

Advanced Swim Team Prep

This class swimmers work on endurance, speed, productivity of strokes and kicks, streamling, starts, flips, turns, and perfecting the timimg of each kick, stroke and breath…..

Combo Classes 

Combo Classes are for kiddos that can swim without Flotations and are in between levels.  The have to be comfortable in the water and know how to float on their back jump in the pool and do under water exploration… Can be any age from 4 up as long as they have the skills above!

Begginers Combo 

This is very much like Pre~Aquatics but for ages 4(that have completed Parent and Me) and up swimmers can use Flotation devices such as puddle jumpers, water wings, noodles, turtle shells, and vests (no life jackets)  all flotation devices used must fit properly and be in the weight limit for the swimmer.  This is a Great class for families that have multiple children that all need to learn-to-swim.  The goal is to learn to swim and float with-out the flotation devices by the mid to end of the session..

Pre~Aquatics with Parent and Me

Parents this is for children 2 and up in the Parent and Me Part and Children 4 and up in the Pre~Aquatics this class is structured for the children to learn independance with and with out flotations.  If you are a Parent of a 2 year old and a 5 year old all will learn-to-swim laps in several different ways, jumping, bobbing, floating, and following all of the rules of Think Don’t Sink—-Look Before You Leap—Don’t Be A Fool Follow the Pool Rules—-and Josh the Otter Skills will be taught in this class as well..

Swimming on the Spectrum

This class has been amazing for children on the Spectrum to learn good water safety skills and get to be with their peers.  The Ages are from 8 to 15.  It is a Fun Class with low sensory yet high accomplishments in swimming and interacting with others!

We also offer one to one Special Needs Swim email swimalaska@gmail.com for more info on booking a private lesson..