Registration Cannot be done on-line:

Read over the Rules and Proper Etiquette page on this website

Read over the Placement Quiz to help decide what is the best class for your family's needs.

Email Tinamarie at swimalaska@gmail.com and request an application for registration.  Include the class day, time, and name ( From the Schedule) that you are interested in and a phone number.   All classes are limited in size as well as skill level and age.

Current Swim Alaska clients have first option for sign up.  Current client’s can Pre-Register for continuing Sessions.

When positions become available New Clients can apply.

In order to confirm all registrations:  The registration packet must be completely filled out and include tuition for the session.  

Swim Alaska does not take Credit Cards.

Swim Alaska is a Proud Vendor for the Home Schools if you are using a Home-School for payment include what Home-School your child attends in your original email.  Each School has a different way of Providing Payment to Vendors.  

NEW CLIENTS:  Please email me at swimalaska@gmail.com with your requests.  If you Home-School please let the Home-School know that  you will be using Swim Alaska.  Once I return to Alaska I will get with you to get registered and complete all of the Paperwork!  


Miss Tinamarie