Learn-to-Swim Basics is designed for children 3 years old and up to 5.  They must have completed Parent and Me and be 100 % toilet trained, Follow verbal cues and participate in a small group lesson.  No parents in the pool during this class, a parent must be present in the viewing area.  Each week we will work on two new benchmark skills as well as reviewing the skills from the previous lessons.  

You will see in the rules that everyone has to wear a Swim Cap you can order them through Amazon and let the swimmer(s) pick them out to make it more exciting I also have loaner caps and caps forsale.  Practice putting the caps on (youtube has videos) the swimmers get used to them and they help in many ways!  We do not Learn-to-Swim with Goggles all skills are done with-out goggles.  At Fun Free Time the kiddos can use goggles to do underwater exploration!  The first day we will work on blowing bubbles and humming swimmers must learn not to hold their breath underwater, not to hold their nose and or close their eyes.  Many parents tell their kids "hold your breath, plug your nose, close your eyes"  that goes against everthing that a Good Certified  Water Safety and Swim Instructor  teaches!  No one can swim holding their breath, their nose, and with their eyes closed...Swim Alaska is a salt water pool everyone must shower completely before entering the pool and hair must be contained in a swim cap... This means that the water is clean and not full of body sweat, lotions, hair gels, hair spray, ect that is what burns our eyes and makes our skin itchy because to many chemicals are being put in the water.  Also rinse out swim suits with cold water do not wash with heavey laundry soap or fabric softner.  That stays in the fabric of the swim wear and gets in the pool.  Having a Safe Warm Clean Salt Water Pool to Learn Water Safety, Swim and have Fun in takes all of us.  Follow the rules (don't be a fool) Stay Safe Stay Clean and have Fun Learning a Lifelong Sensory Motor Skill that will one day Save a life (maybe yours).  Do your Part Be Water Smart

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