Learn-to-Swim Level 2

Pre-requisites: Must have completed Learn-to-Swim Level 1

Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Step or Jump off The Side In Deep Water

Exit Water Using Ladder, Steps, or Side

Fully Submerge

Bobbing 10 times

Open Eyes Under Water Retrieve Submerged Objects

Rotary Breathing

Front (face down) Jellyfish and Tuck Float for Ten (10) Seconds Each Float

Front Glide Recover To Vertical Position

Back Glide Recover To Vertical Position

Back Float (minimum 15 seconds)

Roll From Back To Front And Front To Back

Tread Water (minimum 15 seconds)

Change Direction While Swimming On Front And On Back

Combined Arm and Leg Action On Front and Back

Swim On Back Using Finning action With Hands

Level 2 swim has many components just being able to do the skills one time is not acceptable. The skills must be demonstrated properly with body positioning and proper technique. Breathing with each stroke takes time and practice. At Swim Alaska students will not advance to level 3 until all skills are perfected in level 2.

In some cases swimmers will take longer to advance in levels 2 and 3 there's alot of skills that must be mastered in order to maintain proper body positioning and endurance.