Next Class is TBA   Swim Alaska will be closed from May 24th through August 2019  Thank you!!

Learn a Great Skill and turn it into a Career!

  American Red Cross  Lifeguard Certification Class:

Participants must attend both days in order to complete the training and receive their Certificates.

 Recognizing an Emergency and how to Respond:

CPR with Rescue Breathing for Adults, Children, and Infants

 AED what it does and how important the use is

First-aid control bleeding, splinting, sudden illnesses, and much more 

 Must be able to swim several yards of each swim stroke and using different kicks,  retrieve bricks from the bottom of the pool at least 9 feet deep, tread or doggie paddle, float rescue, remove victim from water, and  more life saving skills.

Proper movement of rescuing a victim in and around an aquatic environment.

 This course covers a lot of important material the audience must be able to listen learn demonstrate all skills this is a pass fail course.  All students must pre-register and pre-pay.  No refunds no make-up classes.

$280.00 for the instruction and certificate fee... 

 Must pre-register class sizes are limited once you register you will receive your maunual...You are resonsible for reading it and knowing it by 10:00am