Parent and Me Swim:

Parent and Me is designed to build a life long bond with child and Parent(s) while learning Water Safety and Swim Skills. Starting at 6 months old and up to 5 years. Parent(s) and children can participate in a  group swim class. Splashing, kicking, bobbing, underwater exploration, climbing out of the pool, climbing in, jumping in, gliding back and forth from parent to parent or parent to instructor, using different flotation devices to build on safety, fun, and movement through the water, . As well as learning proper etiquette in and around an Aquatic Environment. No child can be made 100% drown proof but every child can Learn-to-Swim. The sooner you start teaching your child water safety and enroll in Swim Lessons the Safer he or she will be forever.

What happens at baby swimming classes?

Baby swim classes are usually made up of a small group of parents and babies. The classes are usually arranged by age. If you join a beginners' class it will be everyone else’s first time too. Some organisations also offer specific classes for babies who are premature or have additional needs. 

Baby swim teachers aim to make their sessions relaxed and fun, and to encourage learning through play. Young babies are born able to do primitive swimming strokes. Your teacher will build on these natural reflexes until your little one is completely happy moving in and through the water.

Once the two of you are in the pool, hold your baby in a way that allows you to keep eye contact. Give him constant praise to build his confidence. Your support and encouragement helps him to feel safe and secure. 

Once your baby is confident in the pool, your teacher may encourage your baby to try swimming under water. 

It’s natural for you to feel anxious the first time you and your baby try this. Rest assured babies have a natural affinity with water. Plus, your baby's inbuilt gag reflex is generally strongest up to six months old. This reflex allows him to hold his breath under water without even thinking about it.

Each swimmer is different children learn differently and Family's have different goals. Parent and Me is what you make it!

Parent and Me is a prerequisite for toddlers and children that will not Explore under the water voluntarily.  

If you’re child is 6 months to 3 years old Parent and Me is the class to start you’re child’s Water Safety Lesson