Placement Quiz for registration Requests.  Parent's Please read the placement requirements carefully.  Swim Alaska offers limited classes and class sizes.  It is important to make-sure the class that you request is the proper class for your child(s) water safety needs.  You cannot register online you must email swimalaska@gmail.com.  All classes require Pre-Registration and payment.  Classes are first come first serve with no-make up classes and no refunds.  Swim Alaska is a Vendor for the Mat-Su Home Schools each school has a different way of paying for Swim.  During registration that will be discussed and properly completed according to the School you have chose for your family.

Placement Quiz:

Question number 1.  How old is your child?

Question number 2.  What previous swim has your child completed? 

Question number 3.  Does your child have the ability to meet the standard requirements for the class you are looking into?

Question number 4.  Can your child follow directions and verbal cues?

Ages 6 months to 2 years  Parent and Me is a structured skilled group class with Parent(s) in the pool as well as an instructor.  Each week we work on different skills according to the child(s) age and ability to perform.  Babies learn-to-swim at an early age by Bobbing (going under the water and coming back up with Parent and/or Instructor’s assistance).  Gliding in the water from parent to Parent or Parent to Instructor.  Floating on their backs, kicking, splashing, reaching for the side, jumping in from a sitting or standing position.  (Also see the Parent and Me description page on this site   

Ages 6 Months to 1 year Parent and Me or isa (Infant recovery rescue swimming) This program is a specialty class designed and certified by Infant Swim of America.  This is a 1:1 ratio with babe and Licensed Instructor.  Each session is fifteen minutes and it teaches babes how to surface onto their backs and float.  Some children will cry that is fine and normal it also is a "call for help" if they have unintentionally fell in the water and need help.  This specialized instruction is by appointment only.

Age 3 to 5: Learn-to-Swim Basics  Toilet trained,  can jump on land, Follow verbal cues, Participate in a small group setting without a Parent in the water,  No fit throwing and no crying.  Swimmers must participate in all skills including underwater exploration without goggles.  This class is limited to four (4) swimmers.  The instruction is twenty minutes (20) with ten (10) minutes of free time for a total of Thirty (30) minutes in the pool.  Swimmers will learn water safety skills as well as:

Swim Float Swim, Jump into the water from sitting and standing, Push off of the wall with both feet on front and back, Turn in the water and swim back to the wall, grab the wall.  Monkey Crawling, safely entering and exiting the pool at the stairs, ladder and climbing in and out of the pool over the side wall.  The instruction part of the class will be without floatation devices with the exception of some skill building tools. No lifejackets or floatation instructor assistance only. 

Age 3 to 5 Float for Life Josh the Otter  This is a specialty 1:1 Certified instructor and child session.  This program is designed to teach children to float on there backs. 

Age  3 to 5  Has your child completed Parent and Me?  Learn-to-Swim Basics? Pre-Aquatics?  Are they ready to Lear the skills in Level 1 Learn-to-Swim?

Age 5 and up Has your child completed level 1 Learn-to-Swim?  Can they participate in a group setting with structured instruction with-out floatations for thirty (30) minutes.  What skills have they mastered from the Learn-to-Swim levels?  Can they swim in deep water?

Please answer these basic questions to help choose the proper Water Safety and Swim Class for your child.  Email swimalaska@gmail.com and include a phone number if you have any further questions.  This is just a helping page to get an understanding of placement and how Swim Alaska offers classes.

Stroke and Kick class is designed for children that can perform all of the basics and are ready to learn the proper technique of breathing, kicking and strokes for all of the swim styles.  This is a great foundation for swimmers that want to do Swim Team or become Certified in Lifeguarding