No annual sign up or registration fees!

Group lessons for May and June = eight week Session: $125.00 plus sales tax =$127.50 for the session

Private one to one $50.00 per half an hour........$400.00 per session (Each session is 8 weeks)

All lessons are sold in Sessions each session is eight weeks long.

Swim Alaska does not take Credit Cards

Checks Made Payable to Swim Alaska, Cash, or Home School billing

Lifeguard Certification $275.00 (American Red Cross)

CPR, First-aid, AED, Adult and Pediatric two year certification $110.00 (American Red Cross)

Baby Sitting Boot Camp $110.00 plus Manual(s)

WSI )water Safety Instructor)  $325.00 this is a four day class

LifeGuarding Certification April 21, 22, 23,  2017 fee $275.00

CPR First Aid AED Adult/Peds/Child and AED 2 year certificate April 22, 2017 $110.00

WSI April 21, 22, 23, 2017 fee $325.00

Baby Sitting Boot Camp  April 22, 2017 !0:00 am fee $110.0

Summer  Safety Camp Basic Water Rescue, CPR Fisrt Aid & AED  May 3 through June 28, 2017  Fee $125.00

907-357-SWIM or swimalaska@gmail.com