Swim Alaska is a Privately owned Swim School all participants of Swim Alaska must understand that we are here to learn Water Safety and Swim Skills.  Swim Alaska does not offer “open swim” All of the classes at Swim Alaska are structured.  All swimmers must follow all rules regulated by the State of Alaska as well as Swim Alaska.  Parent(s) please be sure to go over the rules and proper etiquette of being a Swim Alaska Swim Student.  Water Safety is our Business!  

No Running~~No Chewing Gum~~Everyone must shower fully before entering the pool~~Everyone  must have their hair contained in a swim cap either vinyl or cloth (NO LATEX) While in the pool area children must be sitting down or have a hand on the wall~~Always ask before entering the pool~~All Swimmers enter the pool at the stairs~~Listening and Following instruction is mandatory~~No crying~~No throwing fits~~No walking around pool area~~No throwing toys~~Swim Diapers only not regular diapers (if swimmer is not Fully potty trained)~~When walking in the pool area to and from the pool swimmers must have a hand on the wall~~Swimmers must try skills~~No refusing to try it is fine to be scared and ask for help~~No spitting~~No hitting~~No touching another Swimmer~~As part of our water safety we will learn how to enter and exit a pool using the ladder…(NO ONE SHOULD EVER GO DOWN A LADDER FACING FORWARD) 

If your child is having “a moment” remove them from the pool area immediately.  Everyone pays the same price for Swim Lessons it is not fair to those Family’s that want to learn, to be disrupted by bad behavior, crying and fit throwing will not be tolerated in the pool/pool area.  If a child is having trouble with listening and following instruction the child will be asked to leave the pool.   The child may return the following week.   If asked to leave the pool again the child will be discharged from Swim Alaska Swim Program and no refund will be honored.  A Parent or Gauardian must be pool side at all times during swim instruction.

Parent(s) doing Parent and Me same rules your Hair must be contained with a swim cap~~NO Chewing Gum~~and enter the pool using the stairs that are concrete with a hand-rail…

We have other rules for safety such as Think so you don’t sink…..Look before you leap…..Throw don’t go…..Count to three before you jump…..Going Pee in the pool is a No No No!!!  When a swimmer breaks the rules and jumps into the water without permission we will help them with the skills of Josh the Otter, Float for Life    Swim Alaska is here to TEACH Water Safety and Safe Water Practices...

Swim Alaska’s Aquatic Program uses The American Red Cross Standard of Swim Skills, Infant Swim of America, Josh the Otter, Float For Life and Water safety along with CPR, First aid, Babysitting Boot Camp, Basic Water Rescue, Lifeguard Certification, & Boating safety.  

The local Libraries have great bed time stories about Aquatic Animals and swimming the more kids understand about aquatic environments the easier it will be for them to develop skills and use there imagination while learning to swim and play in the pool!

Welcome to Swim Alaska I look forward to building Safe Water skills of a lifetime with your family……

Do your Part and Be Water Smart!!


Miss Tinamarie